Decor DIY: Garden Clipping Vase Filler

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The other day I walked into the office where I work in the mornings and the first thing I noticed was a gorgeous vase stuffed with some sort of natural filler. I was immediately taken by the look. Curious, I inquired where it came from. I was expecting the answer to be perhaps the cute little design boutique downtown, or maybe someplace like Pier One.

Nope. It didn’t come from a store.


I was delighted to find out that the vase filler was actually a large bunch of dead flower stems! My boss’ father had cut them out of his garden in preparation for winter and subsequently used then as packing material to send a gift in the mail. (Another genius use for yard waste!) They were so pretty that they ended up in a vase rather than in the garbage, bringing a wonderful fall touch to the office. There were even some extra stems, so I brought them home for myself! Now I just need to find the perfect vase and I can add some of this natural beauty to my decor at home as well!


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