A Temporary Fix for a Broken Window: At Least It Looks Pretty!

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Ugh, a broken window. It’s actually been broken for a while. Luckily only the inside pane of the window was broken, so we’re not exposed to the elements. But that does mean the window is no longer insulated, and that’s a problem coming into a Michigan winter. Eventually we will replace the window, but for now our solution is a piece of cardboard.


At least we had some pretty, durable wrapping paper on hand, so we could make it look a little less white trash-y. I covered both sides so it looks nice from the outside too, and even grabbed my roll of white duct tape for the occasion. It’s not as ideal as a new window, but it’s warmer and it looks so very much better than a plain piece of cardboard!


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    This is such a smart idea! It actually looks like you’re trying to make a design statement instead of just trying to look less white trashy. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for future but hopefully I’ll never need it *knock on wood*

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