Holiday Gift Guide 2012: If I Went Shopping for Someone Exactly Like Myself

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This year I am not making my usual Christmas wishlist – there is only one thing I want this year, and that is to see my grandmother smile. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eyeballing some really awesome stuff that if Santa brought me, I wouldn’t complain about. If you know anyone whose tastes run similar to mine, who are creative and love to cook and have a slightly off-kilter sense of humor, here are some things that they might enjoy for Christmas.

Ninja Kitchen System

Ninja Kitchen System

I’ve been longing for a Ninja Kitchen System for quite some time now. Honestly, what foodie wouldn’t want one of these miraculous kitchen tools? It’s a blender; it’s a food processor; it’s a juicer; with the right attachments, you can even use it in place of a stand mixer for things like cookie dough! Almost every time I am in the kitchen, I do something that makes me think, “gee, this would be so much easier with a Ninja!” One day, one way or another, it WILL be mine!

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker from

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

One of my favorite places to shop online is They have a constantly-rotating selection of useful items that have a sense of humor, and every time I surf the site I come away with a wish list a mile long. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail (did you see my recent drink recipe?) and I’m a big fan of spray paint, so this would be the perfect addition to my growing mini-bar. It’s made by Kikkerland, a great company that sells all kinds of silly household items that I yearn for! (Items on Fab change every day, but fear not! If you miss a sale there, many of the items can be found on other sites like

Teafu tea infuser - via

Teafu Tea Infuser

This is another find from I love loose-leaf teas, and while I have a regular, old-fashioned tea ball, this thing is just so much cooler. You use it to scoop the tea out of the container, and its flexible silicone design make it so that, with a couple of squeezes, you can speed along the brewing process. That’s a great selling point for folks like me who are always running behind. Plus, it is designed to stand upright on the counter in such a way this it minimizes the watery mess left behind. Bonus!

Statement Necklace - from Ella Claire

Beaded Statement Necklace

I love jewelry and accessories. It’s a passion that sometimes borders on obsession. So I am always happy to receive a beautiful piece like this fabulous statement necklace from the Ella Claire Shoppe! I love how it is so elegant and so lightheartedly fun at the same time. It’s the kind of piece that can be worn with looks ranging from daily-wear-casual to special-occasion-formal, so chances are whoever ends up with this necklace will probably get a lot of wear out of it.

20121215-125152.jpgLooking for more great gift ideas? View the full Holiday Gift Guide!

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