In the Kitchen: Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cookie Bars (an award-winning recipe!)

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Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cookie Bars (dollar store recipe!)

Remember my recent apricot almond oatmeal cookie recipe that was part of a big roundup of over 50 holiday treat recipes? Well, those aren’t the only thing I made for the roundup! Over at Dollar Store Crafts I also posted a recipe that I concocted almost entirely from items I found in the food section of Dollar Tree. Behold the delicious wonder that is the chocolate caramel cashew cookie bar! [get the recipe: chocolate caramel cashew cookie bars]

I am also excited to announce that these cookie bars are award winners! Recipe Lion held a “Cookie Smackdown” contest and I was very honored to have my recipe nominated as one of the best cookie recipes on the internet, and completely flabbergasted when I won! Yay! [check out the Cookie Smackdown results]

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