Getting Crafty: Valentine Card Class with Mom

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Michigan Memories scrapbook store in Manistee, Michigan

Something exciting happened in my neighborhood recently: a new scrapbook store opened for business! It’s something my town was lacking for several years, ever since the last one closed circa 2008. We still had the general craft store, but their paper crafting section was limited. So for all of the paper-loving crafty folks in town, this was huge news!

But it gets better. The new store, Michigan Memories, is three and a half blocks away from my house. So convenient! (And potentially dangerous!)

Handmade Valentines

Not only can I now buy craft supplies within walking distance, they also offer classes. My mother loves making her own greeting cards, and she’s been pretty stressed out lately, so I’ve started taking her to every card-making class possible to give her a fun distraction, even if only for a handful of hours out of every month. A few days ago we went to a Valentine card class and made two gorgeous cards. It was so much fun, and I love how they turned out!

Handmade Valentine Card

The first card we made used buttons and baker’s twine – how could it possibly not be a win with that combo? It turned out so very adorable! It’s definitely one of my favorite cards I’ve ever made, and so easy!

Handmade Valentine Card

The other card we made features an origami heart. It’s definitely easier than it looks! But my favorite part of making this card was using a mask and spray ink to make the chevron background. It’s a technique I would definitely like to play with some more!

The schedule of February classes comes out in a few days, and I am excited to find out what we will be making next! (Make sure you check out Michigan Memories on Facebook!)

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