Mail Call: Goodies from Pick Your Plum and Downtown Tape!

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Mail Call: Supplies from Pick Your Plum and Downtown Tape

I love ordering stuff online. That’s in part because I love shopping (guilty!), but also because it’s so much fun to get mail and other packages that aren’t part of the usual pile of bills and junk. And because I find so many awesome deals on so much fun stuff that sometimes I just can’t resist! Yesterday was a really, really good mail day because I got two packages that I’d been eagerly awaiting: One from Pick Your Plum, and another from Downtown Tape.

Mail Call: Goodies from Pick Your Plum and Downtown Tape

Pick Your Plum is one of my favorite shopping obsessions. They offer limited quantities of one item each day Monday through Friday – that’s right, just five items per week! The prices are hugely discounted and the products are really unique so you have to act fast; once the items are sold out for the day, that’s it! The other day they had some really pretty embossed metal sheets. I snagged six of them that are each 5 inches square, which I plan to turn into photo displays by adding some cute magnets. Even after paying for shipping charges, the squares came out to under $2 a piece!

Mail Call:  Goodies from Pick Your Plum and Downtown Tape

I was also tickled to see my package from Downtown Tape. I love the look and ease of using washi tape in projects but, living in a very small town with limited crafty resources, I couldn’t get my hands on any locally. With a couple of ideas rattling around in my head, I finally decided to order a couple of rolls. I chose Downtown Tape for a few reasons: I really like their pretty patterns, their prices are reasonable, and they have a low flat-rate shipping charge. I got two patterns to start with, but I know I will be ordering more. Lots and lots more!

What are your favorite places or companies for buying unique craft supplies?

I received no compensation for and was under no obligation to write this post. I just really love these companies and their products!

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