Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Pendant Necklaces (Craft Lightning!)

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Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklace

Craft Lightning Spring EditionLately I have developed a new addiction: washi tape! It comes in so many colors and patterns and has so many uses that I just can’t stop collecting it! Since my collection has gotten fairly large I need to come up with some projects to use some of it up. When I got the opportunity to take part in the spring edition of the Craft Lightning 15-minute craft series hosted by The Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts, washi tape immediately came to mind. I ended up using it to make some cute, flowery pendants – after all, the calendar says it’s spring now! (The weather here seems to have missed the memo about the change of seasons though…)

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklace

To make your own washi tape pendant, you will need:

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklaces

Since washi tape is a little see-through, I like to paint my surface white first so that the colors of the tape are as bright as possible. A light coat of acrylic paint will do the trick, and should dry in just a few minutes. Make sure you get even coverage on the side of the pendant that will be the front and around the outside edge; painting the back is optional. Let the paint dry; You can speed the process along by putting it near a heat source.

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklaces

Cover the painted front surface of the wood piece with strips of washi tape. It took me three strips to cover each of mine. Make sure that the pattern on each strip of tape is lined up with the previous strip so that it makes a continuous pattern.

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklaces

Flip the wood circle over so the taped side is facing down and use an Xacto knife to carefully trim the excess tape from around the edges. Brush a coat of Mod Podge over the tape to seal it and make sure it doesn’t peel off. Let it dry – again, placing it near a heat source will help shorten drying time.

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Pendants

Use Amazing Goop to attach a bail to the back side and a flower embellishment to the front. When the glue dries, string the pendant onto a chain and it is ready to wear!

Craft Tutorial: Washi Tape Necklaces

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Gotta love these pendants, so cute and easy to make, pretty quick also. I’ve got 2 teenage gd’s so will have to make them for them. Hopefully they won’t think the pendants are too hokey, you know how kids are now, just never know what they’ll really like. Happy spring


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