Operation PinkBomb: A Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

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Operation PinkBomb: A Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

It might seem like October is a long ways away, but I have started making preparations already. I want to issue a challenge to everyone out there that will take a little time between now and then. Are you up for it?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause that is very near to my heart because I know many women who have been diagnosed with – and survived – breast cancer, including my own mother. In honor of these women I decided that I wanted to make a contribution to my town’s annual Paint the Town Pink event, where for the whole month of October local businesses and residents decorate their windows and lawns with the color pink. And I decided that I would do so in the way I know best: with yarn bombs! I have already started madly crocheting with every scrap of pink yarn I can find, and I will keep going all he way up until September 30th, when under the cover of the night’s darkness I will run all over town and install my yarn-y graffiti.

Then I thought, why not throw the challenge out there for everyone else as well? So gather up your pink yarn, get together with your friends, neighbors, church groups, and scout troops, and yarn bomb the heck out of everything in sight with many shades of pink for the month of October!

If you do participate and you post photos of your creations on social media, remember to use the hashtag #operationpinkbomb, since I plan to do a giant roundup showcasing everyone’s creations!


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