Quick Jewelry Makeover with Nail Polish

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Ring repaired with nail polish

The other day I had a very sad moment. I looked down at my hand and realized that the pretty, shiny, heart-shaped moonstone from one of my rings was missing; where the stone should have been there was only a small recessed area in the silver. It was kind of a heartbreaking moment for me, as my husband picked out the ring and I have worn it at nearly all times for about 6 years now.

But then I had an idea. Nail polish! I could use nail polish to fill the space where the missing stone belonged, creating a new, custom “stone” in any color I wanted!

nail polish

I actually ended up using two different nail polishes. First I put down a layer of a teal-y green polish, and after that dried I followed it up with a dab of iridescent glitter polish. I think I like the ring even better now that before! And if I get bored with it, I can always remove the current polish and redo it in different colors!

In the end, losing the stone ended up being a big win! Who’d've thunk it?

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