Saving money on groceries the easy way

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Dollar Tree grocery haul

Today I bought all of these groceries for $11.80, which is 65% off the regular retail price. I didn’t have to check or worry about sales – everything was purchased at regular price – and none of the coupons I used were from the Sunday paper (which I always forget to buy), but were instead printed with my computer at my own convenience. What’s my secret? Believe it or not, I do much of my grocery shopping at Dollar Tree!

Of course, the selection isn’t huge, and what they do have to offer varies from store to store and even from day to day. But if you familiarize yourself with some of the items that are usually on the shelf at your local store, you can find some amazing deals! Everything you see here came from Dollar Tree and was purchased using a coupon that as of writing this post is available to print for yourself on my coupons page. In fact, the my coupon page almost always has coupons available for many of these items. (Psst! You can actually print each of these coupons twice, so you can really stock up on some of these items if you like them!)

Here is a breakdown of what I got:

Hormel Pepperoni

Hormel pepperoni at Dollar Tree

This is usually $2.29 a package at my local grocery store, so getting it for $1 a package is already a really good deal, and my Dollar Tree has it in stock pretty consistently. It’s an even better deal when you use a coupon for $1 off two, making them a mere 50¢ a package! So as you can guess, we eat a lot of pizza-centric dishes around here because at that price we are always stocked up! [look for Hormel Pepperoni on the printable coupons page]

Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper at Dollar Tree

This is another thing I like to keep around just because it makes a quick and easy dinner. We like to buy large packages of hamburger when it’s in sale and break it down into one-pound packages to freeze, so having some Helper on hand has been great in a pinch on many occasions. However, I don’t like it enough to pay the $1.99 regular price at the grocery store. At Dollar Tree and with a coupon, I got ‘em for 80¢ a box, which sounds like a much better price to me. [look for Hamburger Helper on the printable coupons page]

Uncle Ben’s Rice

Uncle Ben rice mixes at Dollar Tree

Rice sides and potato sides are two things that I often use to fill out a meal. If you’ve ever been halfway through cooking dinner and found out you would unexpectedly be serving an extra person, you probably know that putting together one more quick side dish is the best way to stretch the meal to fill one more plate. These Uncle Ben rice mixes are yummy and are pretty reasonably priced at $1.69 at the grocery store, but between my frugal shopping venue and my coupon, I snagged 4 of them for 75¢ each. [look for Uncle Ben's Rice on the printable coupons page]

Spaghetti O’s

Spaghetti O's at Dollar Tree

So, they aren’t exactly gourmet, and even at the dollar store price point they’re only slightly cheaper to buy this way, but savings is savings an all of those little 20 cent increments of savings will add up! Why pay $1.19 at the grocery store when you can find them for about 87¢ a can after coupon? [look for Spaghetti O's on the printable coupons page]

Progresso Soups

Progresso Soup at Dollar Tree

I never pay full retail price for this stuff. $2.59 a can is really steep for me when I know I can almost always find it at the dollar store (though usually a limited variety of flavors) and I also almost always have coupons that take the price down to 75¢ a can. I eat a lot of soup in the winter months so I take advantage I this deal a lot, an I especially like the lentil soup, which has become one of my favorites! [look for Progresso Soup on the printable coupons page]

Progresso Recipe Starters

Progresso Recipe Starters at Dollar Tree

I couldn’t find these at my local grocery store when I looked for them today, but a couple of months ago when they first came out I remember seeing them for $2.99 a can. The dollar store price is 1/3 of that, and after a coupon it’s only 50¢ a can. My Dollar Tree only has the Parmesan Basil flavor but that is okay with me because I have discovered that it makes a great base for a sauce for chicken alfredo! [look for Progresso Recipe Starters on the printable coupons page]

So that is how I saved 65% on all of that stuff without having to worry about sales or buying newspapers! It’s all name brand at isn’t even close dated; the items that expire first out of what we got today still have 4 months of shelf life, and most of the items we bought will still be good for over a year. And that’s just my haul for today – I am always on the lookout for more deals like this. Of course, when I find more deals that I just can’t pass up, I’ll be sure to pass that along as well!

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