About Mrs. Greene

Rhonda Greene

Hello there, folks! I’m Rhonda Greene, and you’ve stumbled across my little corner of the web. Welcome!

When I’m not blogging here, you can also find me over at Dollar Store Crafts where I am the Editor; I also sometimes contribute to Decor Hacks, Dollar Store Mom, and CraftFail.

Some Random Things About Me

  • I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t crafty.
  • I went to college off and on (mostly on) for about a decade but don’t have a degree.
  • I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a huge geek.
  • I’m highly opinionated, very outspoken, and as stubborn as you would expect a Taurus to be. This sometimes results in people perceiving me as a bitch. I swear I’m really a nice person.
  • Sometimes I cuss like a sailor.
  • My circle of friends is very small but very tight.
  • Everyone thinks my husband looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. I agree.
  • I’m an animal lover. I don’t allow myself to go to the animal shelter because I would have to bring a new baby home every visit, and I would quickly become the crazy cat lady.
  • I’m somewhat of a hoarder by nature, which I claim to be hereditary and passed on from my father, who has been upcycling since long before the term was coined.
  • I have an unusual sense of humor.
  • To say that I love coffee is an understatement.
  • Besides crafting, my other major hobby is taking long hikes with my husband, enjoying the gorgeous Northern Michigan scenery.
  • I have a severe dislike for closed-minded people.
  • I’m hopelessly addicted to British television.
  • I am a huge klutz, very prone to breaking things and injuring myself.
  • I’m high-strung. Very. High. Strung. And yet somehow I’m also incredibly laid back.