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Recycled Crafts

Recycled Coffee Bag Flower Necklace Recycled Magazine Subscription Card Address File Box Bottle Cap Necklace More Recycled Crafts

Dollhouse Miniatures

Art Deco Dollhouse Lamp Miniature Dollhouse Vase of Roses Dollhouse Horse Head Bookends More Dollhouse Miniatures

Home & Garden

Plastic Stemware Patio Chadelier Lace Mirror Coasters Rubber Dish Glove Flower Vase More Home & Garden

Jewelry & Accessories

World's Easiest Crocheted Scarf Acorn Necklace Duct Tape Bead Bracelets More Jewelry & Accessories

Paper Crafts

File Folder Notebook Colorful Scales Greeting Card Screen Printed Cards More Paper Crafts

Nail Polish





Wacky Stuff


Holidays:  Valentine’s Day

Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day

Holidays:  Easter

Holidays:  Halloween

Holidays: Day of the Dead

Holidays:  Christmas

Crochet Patterns

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